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The SPCC WIC program, located in Ontario County, allows Moms and Dads, single or married to fill their children's nutritional requirements. NY WIC has a vast array of approved foods to choose from. They offer nutritional counseling and education as well as offering assistance with the purchase of foods.

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Canandaigua WIC Office

Entrance In the REAR of 79 South Main Street (off Lafayette Street)

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Clinic Hours

1st & 3rd Mondays 8:15am – 3:00pm

2nd & 4th Mondays 12:15-7:45 p.m.

Fridays 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Geneva WIC- Geneva Presbyterian Church (Rear entrance for WIC clinic)

24 Park Place

Clinic Hours:

2nd Thursdays, 1:15 – 7pm

4th Thursdays 9:15 – 3:30pm

May 11, 2017 article in the SUN & RECORD, Wayne County

By 2019, NYS WIC participants will purchase WIC foods using a card called eWIC. This will make shopping for WIC foods easier for WIC families.

What is an eWIC card?

An eWIC card is like a debit card. You can use your eWIC card to buy WIC-approved foods at WIC stores. Your local agency will add your family’s benefits to your eWIC account.

How does eWIC help WIC Families?

eWIC means a more convenient shopping experience. eWIC shoppers can expect:

  • an easier check-out
  • a more discreet transaction
  • the freedom to spread out WIC purchases

How does eWIC help WIC Vendors?

Stores can expect:

  • an easier checkout
  • faster payment
  • fewer checkout errors

When will eWIC come to my area?

You can expect to see eWIC in your area beginning in Fall 2018!

How do I get WIC benefits on my WIC account?

At your WIC appointment, WIC staff will add your benefits to your family’s eWIC account. You will get a list of your family’s WIC benefits for the next three months. The list will have start and end dates for your benefits.

Can I turn in my paper checks for an eWIC card?

At your first WIC appointment following the eWIC rollout in your region, you will be given an eWIC card. At that time, you should turn in any remaining paper checks. You will not be able to turn your paper checks before that.

Who should I contact if I have trouble with my eWIC card?

  • Talk to your local WIC agency staff
  • Visit your store’s customer service desk
  • Call eWIC Card Customer Service at 1-844-540-3013
  • Visit www.WICconnect.com

Is my eWIC card reusable?

Yes. Keep your eWIC card and take it to all your appointments.

How will I use my eWIC card when I shop?

  1. Choose WIC foods using your WIC shopping list, benefit balance, Foods Guide, and WIC2Go.
  2. Pick a checkout lane that accepts WIC.
  3. Tell the cashier that you are using an eWIC card.
  4. Place your WIC items first, ahead of other foods.
  5. Swipe your eWIC card and enter your 4-digit PIN.
  6. Use another form of payment for non-WIC items.
  7. Keep the store receipt and eWIC card for your next WIC shopping trip.

The steps may vary from store to store.

What if I have more questions about eWIC?

  • Talk to your WIC local agency
  • Check out the NYS eWIC Card Guide brochure:
  • Watch the video, NYS WIC a New Way to Shop:
NYS eWIC Card Guide BrochureVideo, NYS WIC a New Way to Shop

What is WIC2Go?

WIC2Go is a mobile app for New York State WIC Participants. WIC2Go can help you:

  • Check the dates and times of your WIC appointments
  • Check your current month’s benefit balance and expiration date
  • Scan items to see if they are WIC-approved
  • Locate WIC clinics
  • Locate WIC stores

How do I create an account on WIC2Go?

To create an account, you will need your eWIC card number, your date of birth, and your zip code.

Can I use WIC2Go without an eWIC account?

Yes. After downloading the app, individuals will be able to locate clinics, stores and resources. Participants with an eWIC account can scan items to see if they are WIC approved, check current month’s balance and expiration date, and view appointments.

The Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) provides checks to women, infants and children for the purchase of locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased with checks at farmers' markets during the summer and fall. The program runs from June - November 30.

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories and provide essential nutrients and dietary fiber. They may also play a role in preventing certain chronic diseases. The Dietary Guidelines recommend filling half your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables at each meal.

Who Benefits from the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program?

FMNP checks enable WIC participants  to obtain nutritious, fresh produce in addition to the foods WIC  provides. In 2016, there were 600 farmers’ markets operating in New York State and nearly 1,000 farmers participating in the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

In addition to distributing fresh vegetables and fruits, the FMNP provides nutrition education in a variety of settings.

The Authorized Markets and Farmers

Markets and farmers enrolled in the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program offer customers with $4.00 FMNP checks a place to spend their benefit for fresh, local, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs. Below is a list by county, of current farmers’ markets, farm stands and mobile markets enrolled in the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

A list of NYS farmers’ markets by region can be found below.

Farmers' Markets

Healthy Families Ontario



Department of Social Services (DSS)

(585) 396-4060

Ontario County DSS WebsiteExchange Marketplace

Public Health

(585) 396-4343

Social Security Admin.

(800) 772-1213

Child Support Services

(888) 208-4485

Call Department of Social Services in your County OR call Legal Assistance of Western New York (315) 781-1465

Single Mother Resources


Child Health Plus

(800) 698-4543

Growing Up Healthy Hotline

(800) 522-5006

New York State Smokers Quit Line

(866) 697-8487

Smoke Free Website

Child Protective Services

(800) 342-3720

Community Action Programs

(585) 325-5116

Head Start

Ontario County

Geneva: (315) 781-4104

Canandaigua: (585) 394-1190

Phelps/Clifton Springs: (315) 462-3609

Geneva ABCD: (315) 781-3267

Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

(315) 477-0616

Cornell Cooperative Extension

(585) 394-3977

MOMS Program

(315) 331-7990

Child and Family Resources

(800) 881-5786

Substance Abuse Services

NY State HOPEline (provides help 24/7): (877) 846-7369

Finger Lakes Addictions & Counseling (FLACRA):       (315) 462-9466

Prevention Education: (315) 789-0310

Breastfeeding Information

SPCC WIC Peer Counselor Program- sign up for a peer counselor at your next WIC appointment!

SPCC WIC Peer Counselor closed Facebook group- WIC Moms Talk Breastfeeding

Website-Breastfeeding PartnersWebsite- Department of HealthBreastfeeding ResourcesMy Breastfeeding ChecklistHow to Clean Your Breast PumpWIC Breastfeeding Support

SPCC WIC- Facebook page

Facebook page

Dentist's Accepting Medicaid


Ontario County Food Pantries

List of Food Pantries

Office Locations

SPCC WIC Geneva Clinic
Geneva Presbyterian Church
24 Park Place
Geneva, NY 14456
ph: (585) 394-9240
fx: (585) 394-9285
2nd Thursdays, 1:15 - 7pm and 4th Thursdays 9:15 - 3:30pm
SPCC WIC Canandaigua Clinic
79 So. Main Street
Canandaigua, NY 14424
ph: 585-394-9240
fx: 585-394-9285
Monday-Friday 8-4:30. Evening hours by appointment

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