About WIC

WICstrong is a program available to participating agencies throughout New York. The goal of WICstrong is to make families strong, healthy, and happy through WIC. So what is WIC and how does it work? Read below to find out more about WIC in New York State!

All About WIC

Questions about WIC? Learn all about the program and how it works.

WIC Eligibility

Learn more about how you may qualify for WIC.




Many of the forms you need to help speed up the application process are right here. Click on any of the links below to open or download the form you need.

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Success Stories

WIC is here to help. Watch our videos and learn how WIC was there for families just like yours.

Your First Appointment

Getting started with WIC isn’t scary or complicated. We just need a little information. Learn about how it works and what you’ll need to bring and we will make the process as smooth as possible.