Using Your WIC Benefits

*New York State WIC approved stores are not required to stock all foods listed on the NYS WIC Acceptable Foods Card and the NYS WIC Foods Guide. Please contact your local WIC office for more information.

1. Before you shop:

  • Make sure you have your eWIC card to bring with you.
  • Review your food package details to know what your benefits include.
  • Review the WIC Acceptable Foods or use the WIC2GO app to understand your options.
  • Bring coupons to help stretch your WIC benefits.
  • Visit to check your benefits.

2. While shopping:

  • Choose WIC foods using your WIC shopping list, benefit balance, Foods Guide, and WIC2Go.
  • Look for packages of multiple items that may cost less than buying the items separately.

3. At the register:

  • Do NOT use express, cash only, or self-checkout lanes.
  • Pick a checkout lane that accepts WIC.
  • Tell the cashier you will be using your WIC benefits.
  • Place your WIC items first, ahead of other foods.
  • Review the screen at the register before approving your purchase.
  • Swipe your eWIC card and enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • Use another form of payment for non-WIC items.
  • Keep the store receipt and eWIC card for your next WIC shopping trip.