WIC Eligibility

To qualify for WIC, individuals must meet categorical, residential, and financial requirements.

1. Categorical
Applicants for the NYS WIC Program must be:

  • A pregnant woman;
  • An infant or child up to 5 years old;
  • A mother of an infant up to 6 months old; or
  • A breastfeeding mother with an infant up to 12 months old.
  • A father or caretaker applying for their children.

2. Residential

  • Applicants must be a resident of New York State.
    • We will not ask about visa status or citizenship. Your information is kept confidential.

3. Financial

  • Applicants must meet income eligibility guidelines (see table below) or receive Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps), or TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).

Effective through June 30, 2024:

Use the calculator below to check if you may be eligible:

Select the number of people in your household.
Gross household income.

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