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What is WICstrong?

The WICstrong brand promotes the positive image of strong, happy, healthy families that benefit from the nutritional education and assistance through agencies like yours. The WICstrong campaign includes all of the marketing and outreach materials that agencies need to effectively communicate their message to participants and prospects: from an easy to understand and navigate website to interesting social media posts and graphics to TV commercials and print materials.

WICstrong was developed in cooperation with the NYS Department of Health and the USDA.

How can WICstrong benefit your agency?

Participating agencies have access to:

  • A quick and easy way to generate leads and prompt the application process.
  • An agency specific website that is easy to update, allowing agencies to change and add new information, photos, PDFs, and links to 3rd party resources.
  • A secure on-line media library with downloadable marketing assets including:
    • Print-ready files for collateral and advertising materials.
    • Photography, graphics and images.
    • Handy social media posts, ready to plug and play.
    • Logos and Brand Standards guides and instructions.
    • Informational Videos.
  • Association with the fully managed WICstrong Facebook Page and the ability to share these posts on your own Social Media channels if you choose.
  • Technical support.
  • Marketing consulting services, media buying services, custom graphics and production services at discounted rates.

How does WICstrong benefit participants?

The WICstrong website offers many helpful and educational resources including:

  • An Eligibility Calculator.
  • Helpful shopping tips and tricks.
  • Healthy and fun WIC-friendly recipes for the whole family.
  • Breastfeeding support and third-party resources.
  • Educational and informational video content.
  • Up-to date information on agency activities, programs and events.
  • Content translation to over 100 languages.

What materials does WICstrong provide?

With WICstrong, your agency will have access to a variety of tools and marketing materials including:

  • website that is easy to use and understand, including translation into
    over 100 languages.
  • Your Agency’s own page on the website where you can add content specific to your area.
  • Television and Radio Commercials packaged and ready for delivery to your area stations.
  • Informational videos on a variety ofWIC-related topics.
  • Photography showing the social, economic, and ethnic diversity ofWIC participants.
  • Print ready materials designed that can be customized with your agency’s information.
  • Brochures to help easily explain the benefits of WIC to you participants and the community.
  • A library of social media posts and graphics to use on your own Facebook page.
  • Reports and a Newsletter to hear what other agencies like yours are doing to be successful.
  • Advertising on popular search engines to increase traffic to the website.
  • Technical support to keep the site and your page up to date.
  • Ad-hoc creative and print services to bring the WIC Strong brand to your area’s marketing material.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Fill out the form below to learn how your agency can participate in today!