Our primary focus at WIC is to provide Nutrition Assistance and Education. We offer a variety of free resources and support to help you and your family stay healthy.


WIC has an abundance of information packaged into brochures for you to print and easily reference. You can even access these brochures on the go from your mobile phone or tablet.

Farmers' Markets

What a great way to get out for some fresh air AND some fresh foods!

Health and Nutrition

Proper nutrition promotes the optimal growth and development of children. Take a look at some of our tips for a healthier lifestyle.

NYS Resources

We are always striving to maintain and grow our resources for participants and agencies. By partnering with New York State we are able to bring a continuous amount of resources!

Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important factor in staying healthy for both you and your children.


Looking for some tasty AND healthy treats? Here are some recipes that are sure to bring big smiles to your little one’s face.