Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties – WIC

New York State offers assistance for parents of children under the age of 5 with nutritious foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy protein sources. 

The Catholic Charities of Columbia and Green Counties WIC Program services both Catskill and Hudson. For program information and eligibility, come to the office and speak with a WIC services representative today.

Welcome to WIC


WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children. WIC’s goal is to improve the health and nutrition of moms, babies and kids. It is well known that pregnancy and early childhood are among the most important times for growth and development and Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties WIC is here to help.  We offer NYS WIC program support to those who live in our surrounding area.

Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties WIC Program offers nutritional support, a caring ear to listen to your concerns, help in determining eligibility, support for healthy decision making, and we provide you with referrals to other resources.

Those who qualify for WIC benefits receive supplemental food vouchers that provide financial support in purchasing groceries.  We also provide breastfeeding support and nutritional education.

Contact our WIC office for more information about our program and to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members about eligibility and enrolling.

For our Columbia County locations call (518) 828-9668.
For our Greene County locations call (518) 943-9082


This institution is an equal opportunity provider, please see link below.

Non Discrimination Statements


Columbia County Clinic:

431 East Allen Street Hudson, NY  12534
Mon – Tues, Thurs – Friday: 8am – 4pm
Wed: 11am – 7pm


Greene County Clinic:

66 William Street Catskill, NY  12414
Mon – Tues, Thurs – Friday: 8am – 4pm
Wed: 11am – 7pm

Clinic is also held at satellite sites each month as follow:

1st week St. Luke’s Church


April – October: 930-230

November – March: 10-3

2nd Week St. Jame’s Church


April – October: 930-230

November – March: 10-3

3rd week St. Theresa’s Church


April – October: 930-230

November – March: 10-3

Our Lady of Hope

Copake Falls

April – October: 930-230

November – March: 10-3

4th Week St. Luke’s Church


April – October: 930-230

November – March: 10-3

Hudson office 828-9668 or Catskill Office 943-9082

431 East Allen St. Hudson               66 William Street Catskill

Call to set an appointment at the site of your choice.



This institution is an equal opportunity provider


Income Requirements

2022-2023 Federal Income Guidelines

Effective through June 30, 2023

Gross Income
Household Size Annual Monthly Twice-Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
1 $25,142 $2,096 $1,048 $967 $484
2 33,874 2,823 1,412 1,303 652
3 42,606 3,551 1,776 1,639 820
4 51,338 4,279 2,140 1,975 988
5 60,070 5,006 2,503 2,311 1,156
6 68,802 5,734 2,867 2,647 1,324
7 77,534 6,462 3,231 2,983 1,492
8 86,266 7,189 3,595 3,318 1,659
For each additional
member, add:
+$8,732 +$728 +$364 +$336 +$168

The unborn child can be counted as a member of the household.

Categorical Requirements

WIC provides benefits to:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Breastfeeding Women
  • Postpartum Women
  • Infants
  • Children under the age of 5

Residential Requirements

Applicants must be a resident of the state of New York to apply for the Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties WIC Program.

Why is Breastfeeding important?






  • Breastmilk keeps your baby healthy by
    • Providing all the necessary nutrients in the appropriate amounts
    • Protecting against allergies, infections, diseases, and obesity
    • Being easy to digest leading to less constipation, diarrhea, and stomach upset
  • Breastfeeding helps the mother’s health as it
    • Reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers
    • Helps mother’s return to their pre-pregnancy weight easier
    • Strengthens the bond between mother and child
  • Breastmilk changes in volume and composition to meet the needs of the baby
  • Breastmilk is always ready, no bottles to clean
  • Breastmilk is available whenever the baby is hungry

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors

On staff at WIC we have breastfeeding peer counselors, they are current or past WIC moms that breastfed their infants.  They are available to talk to you about breastfeeding.  They are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.  Apply for WIC as a pregnant or breastfeeding mom and gain access to this wonderful resource.

Helpful hints for breastfeeding

  • Hold your baby skin to skin
  • Breastfeed soon after birth and frequently
    • Early on 8 to 12 times in a 24-hour period is normal
  • Keep your baby in the hospital room with you
  • Avoid pacifiers and bottles until breastfeeding is well established
  • Need additional support or advice, talk with a breastfeeding peer counselor

Where can I use my WIC benefits?

Use the link below to find a store near you.

Find A WIC Store


Summer is Farmers’ Market Season and WIC offers vouchers for use at the Farmers’ Markets. WIC families are offered $20 per eligible participant to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at their local farmer’s market.  These vouchers are available for pick-up between June 1st and September 30th and must be used by November 30th.   When shopping look for the sign: “We Gladly Accept New York State Farmers’ Market Checks (FMNP)”.

Shopping with WIC FMNP Checks

  • Vouchers start June 1st
  • Shop only at the Farmers’ Markets on the authorized list provided at your appointment (Check for the location, days and times.)
  • Each voucher is worth $4.
  • If you spend less, you will not receive any change.
  • If you spend more, you may add your own money.
  • Use your vouchers by November 30 (that’s when they expire)
  • Purchase ONLY locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Shopping tips for the market: 

Shop early in the day for selection.

Talk to your local farmers for tips.

Bring your own bag or basket.

Shop late in the date for best prices.

Eat and cook in season.

Try freezing produce when it is plentiful to enjoy in the winter.

Keep in mind that the farmers only sell what they grow, you cannot expect the same selection as in the grocery store.

For example you can expect:

  • fresh peas and strawberries in June,
  • corn and peaches in July,
  • zucchini and melons in August,
  • eggplant and apples in September.

By October and November the selection starts to go down as the growing season comes to an end, but those are great months to stock up on winter squash and pears.   

During Pregnancy

  • Brush and floss teeth at least twice a day to prevent problems. During pregnancy, gum and tooth disease increases the risk for preterm delivery.
    • It is safe to have a dental checkup while pregnant. Be sure to alert the office that you are pregnant to avoid unnecessary treatments.
    • (Source:


For Infants

  • The correct way to clean off pacifiers and bottle nipples is with water. Never put them in an adult’s mouth to clean as bacteria is passed through salvia.
  • Clean the baby’s gum line with a soft wet cloth.
  • Fluoride is a beneficial mineral that makes teeth stronger and helps prevent cavities. It is recommended to start getting fluoride supplements after 6 months of age even before teeth break through the gums.
  • Check with the dentist about fluoride options and recommendations.


For Toddlers

  • Start them early with a regular routine of brushing with non-fluoridated toothpaste and flossing as soon as they have two teeth that are touching.
  • Allow the child to brush their own teeth. Then have an adult brush the child’s teeth afterwards to make sure everything is cleaned well.
  • Start using fluoridated toothpaste after the age of two.


Dietary Tips for Healthy Teeth

  • Drinking water while eating will help create more saliva, a natural way to wash the teeth.
  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables help scrub the teeth.
  • Avoid starchy, sugary foods that will stick to the teeth.
  • Do not eat right before going to sleep.
  • Avoid giving beverages including juice and milk in children’s bottle before bed. Only give water.

Remember to schedule regular cleanings (every 6 months) starting as early as 1 year of age.

WIC Quarterly Newsletter

News Bulletin

Recalls and Outbreaks

For information on recent food and formula recalls and outbreaks, visit or

Office Locations

431 E. Allen St.
Hudson, NY 12534
ph: (518) 828-9668
fx: (518) 697-3131
66 William St.
Catskill, NY 12414
ph: (518) 943-9082
fx: (518) 943-9054