Normalizing Breastfeeding

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This Mother’s Day H& M featured a Mother breastfeeding her infant in public.  Featuring breastfeeding Mothers in advertisements is a great step towards normalizing something that is natural and beneficial for Mother and baby. This advertisement features a Mother who is practicing her Breastfeeding Bill of Rights.  Specifically the right found under, When you leave the Maternal Health Care Facility, which states,

“You have the right to breastfeed your baby in any location, public or private where you are otherwise authorized to be…”

The Breastfeeding Bill of Rights was written to help promote breastfeeding as a beneficial way to increase short and long term health outcomes for infants. The bill aims to make Mothers aware of the right written above as well as the other rights they have as a breastfeeding Mother. These rights include, knowing if and how a medication will effect their breast milk supply, the ability to pump breast milk at work during a normal scheduled break and many others.

To read more of the Breastfeeding Bill of Rights click on the links below, and make sure to ask one of our Registered Dietitian or Peer Counselors about breastfeeding at your next WIC visit.

Breastfeeding Bill of Rights: English Version  Spanish Version