Meet Eliza Altvater-Conn

Name: Eliza Altvater-Conn

Professional Certifications/License: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Title: Qualified Nutritionist

Education: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science

Where did you work before WIC?

Before WIC I worked as a Research Assistant at a Molecular Biology laboratory at Brooklyn College.

How long have you been working at WIC?

I recently started working at WIC.

What do you enjoy about WIC?

I enjoy the opportunity of generating a positive impact in the local community by helping families thrive.  I also appreciate the extensive and continuous training that we receive, especially on patient centered communication skills, the team work promotion, and the positive work environment that we have at WIC.

What do you do enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy going for a hike with my dog, or just being outside (when is not too cold!), listening to music, baking and cooking, and all that fun stuff!

What is one thing you want the community to know about nutrition?

Healthy eating is one of the basic requirements for the promotion and protection of health. It enables an increase in the potential for human growth and development. Through food, the body receives the necessary nutrients to establish health and reduce the risk of disease. Best of all, sophisticated and expensive care is not necessary to practice healthy eating. Also, you can have meals rich in nutrients, varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and whole grains according to your preferences and culture. Always keep in mind the importance of healthy eating and the good it can do in your life.