Using Your WIC Check

*New York State WIC approved stores are not required to stock all foods listed on the NYS WIC Acceptable Foods Card and the NYS WIC Foods Guide. Please contact your local WIC office for more information.

Important Tips

  • It is preferred that checks are dated MM/DD/YYYY (Example: 04/12/2015).
  • It is also okay to use other date formats common in the United States (Examples 4/12/15. 04/12/15).
  • It is not permitted to use words to write the month (Example: April 12, 2015).
  • If you or your proxy makes a mistake dating the check, you/your proxy should put a line through the date, initial and write the correct date above the mistake.
  • A date stamp may not be used to “date” the check.

1. Before you shop make sure you have:

  • Your WIC ID card
  • The WIC Program Acceptable Foods Card.
  • Your UNSIGNED WIC Checks with valid dates.

2. While shopping:

  • Look carefully at what is listed on the check.
  • Use the WIC Program Acceptable Foods Card to help you select WIC approved foods on your check.
  • Your WIC check will tell you how many (1 Container) and the size (64 Ounces) of each product you get.

3. Before checkout:

  • Have all the foods listed on each check.

4. At the register:

  • Do NOT use express, cash only, or self-checkout lanes.
  • Tell the cashier you will be using your WIC checks.
  • Place your WIC items on the check-out counter grouped together by check.
  • Place the matching UNSIGNED WIC Check on top of each group of these items.
  • NEVER pre sign your WIC checks.
  • AFTER the cashier writes the total cost in the PAY EXACTLY box, sign and date the check.

DO NOT SIGN AND DATE your WIC checks until AFTER the cashier writes your total on the check.

Sample WIC Check