Meet Sandra Arteaga

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Image of Sandra Arteaga, Nutrition Support Assistant at Open Door Family Medical CenterName:
Sandra Arteaga

Nutrition Support Assistant

Primary Site:
Open Door Family Medical Center Ossining

Languages Spoken:
English & Spanish


What do you find most exciting about working on the WIC team at Open Door?

            Working for the WIC department has helped me grow as an individual. It has also helped me empower others through the use of education. I have been able to help inform the low underserved population about the immense amount of benefits the WIC program can offer for them when it comes to mother babies and young children. I have been able to assist them to obtain proper meals for the family and support the community around us. I have also been able to develop a relationship with the families of the WIC program and if I have seen a red flag in a family member, we can direct them to the appropriate staff, whether that is a social worker, nutritionist, or patient health care advocate. We are always here to help those in need. Open door does exactly that help the population that is often underserved and in need of medical attention, nutritional support, and the WIC program is an excellent program for the community overall. 

Can you share something about the WIC program that people in the community might not know?

One thing I discovered myself while working for the WIC program, is that a child can receive the WIC benefits up to 5 years of age, and most often families do not know that. More often than not they believe they only qualify for the first 12 months of life. WIC can also help support new mothers by providing them with breastfeeding support groups and programs. 

If you could only give one piece of advice about nutrition to the general community, what would it be?

My advice on the topic of nutrition would be that it is important to continue to educate yourself on what a healthy eating plate is like, such as how important it is to choose a balance of fruits, vegetables, meat and carbs. Also, how exercising even just 30 mins a day can help your heart and your overall health and happiness.

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