Meet Elizabeth Margiotta, M.S.

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Image of Elizabeth Margiotta, M.S., Open Door Family Medical CentersName
Elizabeth Margiotta, M.S.

Nutritionist and Site Coordinator

Primary Site
Open Door Mount Kisco

Brooklyn College at the City University of New York – Master’s degree in Nutrition, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology



About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been working for Open Door’s WIC program for the past three years. She is the Nutritionist and Site Coordinator for Open Door Mount Kisco – where she currently resides. She holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Brooklyn College at the City University of New York, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Additionally, she is a member of the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and in the process of obtaining my New York State certification.

Personal Statement

Working for WIC has enabled me to provide nutrition counseling and education to the most vulnerable and at-risk populations of infants, children, and pregnant women. It is an indispensable program that encourages healthy eating through all stages of life, including the critical prenatal period during which a mother’s diet literally helps create a new human being. Recent research has demonstrated the crucial importance of a mother’s diet and lifestyle on a developing fetus, so prenatal nutrition has become a topic that I am passionate about. As a nutritionist, I often receive questions about healthy eating from family, friends, and members of the community who are confused about what they should and should not include in their diet. The one piece of advice I give most often is to try to eat as close to nature as possible: a balanced, whole-foods diet with minimally processed food, sugar, artificial colors, or preservatives will go a long way towards maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases. I also advise my clients at WIC to consume as many different, colorful fruits and vegetables as they can, aiming for 3-5 servings of each per day. Those colors represent important nutrients and antioxidants that will keep your body healthy and happy throughout your life.

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