Chrismary Cepeda, CLC

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Image of Chrismary Cepeda, CLC, Qualified Nutritionist at Open Door Family Medical CenterName
Chrismary Cepeda


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Ossining Open Door Family Medical Center

English, Spanish


What do you find most exciting about working on the WIC team at Open Door? 


I find that getting to know the people that live within the community is the most exciting aspect of working with the WIC team at Open Door. I learn about many different cultures, their beliefs, and

traditions. Working with a diverse population teaches me how to keep an open mind and build relationships with every person. It’s very heartwarming to me that I can help the community. 


 Can you share something about the WIC program that people in the community might not know?

WIC is here to help. The WIC program offers many benefits for free! Not only does WIC provide supplemental foods, but the program also provides referrals to other programs, free nutrition

consultation and free breastfeeding support. The best part of the WIC program is the farmers market checks that are offered to the participants during the summertime that they can use to shop local

fresh fruits and vegetables. 


 If you could only give one piece of advice about nutrition to the general community, what would it be? 


Water is your best friend because our body needs it. Water helps flush out the toxins from our body. Sometimes when we are hungry, we are thirsty. Our body confuses hunger with thirst. Aim to drink

at least 8-12 cups daily. Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go and sip throughout the day. 

Are you interested in learning more about Open Door’s WIC Program? Call us at  914-406-8150.