Going Meatless…Lunch Meatless… Sort of

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It is a popular fact and frequently referenced caution during pregnancy that pregnant woman should not consume deli meats. Why deli meats? What’s so special about them? Well it turns out that due to their processing and preparation methods deli meats are a common carrier of a specific bacteria that can cause a disease called Listeriosis. This is normally not a problem for most people but for more vulnerable population like pregnant women, elderly individuals, and those with immunodeficiency disorders this can be a big problem indeed because the immune systems of these populations are already compromised due to life circumstances. In the end it turns out that deli meats are not the only offender, but the one most often identified. That said, if you still feel the insatiable urge for that deli sandwich just make sure you heat the meat to steaming before you eat them. The heating process will kill the dangerous bacteria. To learn more about the disease Listeriosis, its treatment, prevention, and other foods to look out for click here.