Child Emotional Health and Communication

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Being a parent naturally comes with a lot of questions like: “Am I doing this right?”,”Is this really how they’re supposed to react?”, and “How do other people manage their kids!?” We can’t claim to answer these questions for every situation, but the following videos, sites, and information can help to inform and guide the unique parenting style that you are developing! No parenting situation is cut and dry, and no two kids are the same. That said, there are themes and developmental markers that often show up in the parent child relationship as well as in child development that can encourage understanding and growth in both parents and children. Below you will find a playlist of lightly humored videos that talk about parenting as well as some videos with tips from professionals in the field of childhood development for implementing the strategies discussed. There are also some links provided for trusted websites that offer helpful parenting tips and information. To access these sites simply click the subject below that interests you.

To access the list of videos and skip around simply click on the list icon in the upper left hand corner of the video that looks like the icon below.