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The SPCC Seneca NY Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program makes it possible for single parent families to fill their children's dietary demands. NY WIC has dozens of approved foods, including healthy choices such as fruits, veggies, 100% juice, whole grain products, infant formula, and a lot more. WIC helps New York State families be successful as well as gives them the understanding and education they need to consume nutritious foods for health and well being.

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SPCC WIC continues to provide services through this trying time.

We will continue to provide ALL Services over the phone until further notice.

Our procedures have been put in place to help protect our families, our staff and our community during this COVID-19 outbreak.

*Prior to your appointment, please update your phone number with us if it has recently changed!



Regular hand washing can help prevent the spread of germs and is one of the best ways to avoid catching or transmitting COVID-19. You and your child should wash your hands for 20 seconds—the length of time it takes to sing the ABC song—after coming in from playing outside, before preparing meals and after going to the bathroom.

Lavarse las manos con regularidad es una de las mejores maneras de evitar contagiarse o propagar el COVID-19. Enséñales a tus hijos a lavárselas durante por lo menos 20 segundos, lo que toma cantar la canción del alfabeto.

We are in this together! Help your neighbors on WIC by leaving items with a WIC-approved label on the shelves. These are for WIC participants who must follow set guidelines for the foods (including brands and sizes) that they can purchase with their WIC benefits. If we leave WIC-approved items on the shelves, we can ensure that WIC participants do not go home empty handed. #WICStrong #InThisTogether

Ahora es común ver estantes vacíos en el mercado. Si no participas en WIC —y no reúnes los requisitos para los beneficios de WIC— por favor, piensa dos veces antes de comprar alimentos con una etiqueta de aprobación de WIC al lado del precio. Estos alimentos son para los participantes en WIC, quienes deben seguir ciertas normas sobre qué alimentos comprar (además de marcas y tamaños) con sus beneficios de WIC. Por favor, ten en cuenta las necesidades de tu vecino. #WICStrong #JuntosEnEstas

We must all play our part to avoid stockpiling key products – like infant formula – to ensure that all shoppers can purchase the products they need.  WIC participants are our neighbors, our friends, and our community. #YouGotThis

Forgotten your PIN?  Call 1-844-540-3013

Breastfeeding and COVID-19 Guidance


SPCC WIC Peer Counselor Program

Sign up for a peer counselor at your next WIC appointment!

SPCC WIC Peer Counselor private Facebook group- WIC Moms Talk Breastfeeding.

  • To join our private group; Log into your personal Facebook account, in search bar, search WIC Moms Talk Breastfeeding and request to join!  Our team will accept your request, it’s that simple!

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Phone - Text - Fax Numbers

(585) 394-9240 – Phone

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*Completing Your Certification/Re-Certification By Phone*

  1. Read Rights and Responsibilities (choose language below)

  2. Have the following documents ready before your phone call appointment:

    • If you have Medicaid, you will need to provide active Medicaid numbers for you and/or your child/children.

    • If you don’t have Medicaid, you will need to provide proof of income or a Self-Declaration form (available printable PDF below).

    • ID Card

    • Proof of Address

    • Medical Referral Form (if required)

Rights and Responsibilities

This form is required for applicants to read or be read to. This will certify that the information they have provided for their eligibility determination is complete and correct to the best of their knowledge. This information is being given in order to receive WIC benefits and they understand that state or local WIC agency officials may check this information if the need arises by contacting employers or other sources for their income, and/or by getting their tax records from the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.

English - Rights and Responsibilities Spanish - Rights and Responsibilities Russian - Rights and Responsibilities Chinese - Rights and Responsibilities

NYS Income Guidelines Effective through June 30, 2021

NYS Income Guidelines are a guide to help in the determination of income eligibility for families needing to qualify by their income.

English - NYS Income GuidelinesSpanish - NYS Income Guidelines

NYS WIC Pictorial Foods Guide available in multiple languages.

More Pictorial Shopping Guides in Other Languages Are Available at the "More Pictorial Shopping Guides" Link below.

English Pictorial Shopping GuideSpanish Pictorial Shopping GuideRussian Pictorial Shopping GuideChinese Pictorial Shopping GuideMore Pictorial Shopping Guides

Find a Participating WIC Store Near You

NYS WIC Vendors


Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc (SNAP)


Seneca County   (ext. 1008)

Wayne County  (ext. 1018)

Ontario County  (ext. 1023)

Livingston County

1-585-572-1714 /toll free  1-844-232-5562

Monroe County

1-585-295-5624 /toll free  1-866-277-9411


For a variety of Resources in NYS dial 2-1-1 or visit 211 lifeline.org

Department of Social Services (DSS)

(315) 539-1800

Exchange Marketplace

Public Health

(315) 539-1920

Social Security Admin

(800) 772-1213

Child Support Services

(888) 208-4485

Call Department of Social Services in your County OR Legal Assistance of Western New York at (315) 781-1465

Single Mothers Resources


Child Health Plus

(800) 698-4543

Growing Up Healthy Hotline

(800) 522-5006

New York State Smokers Quit Line

(866) 697-8487


Child Protective Services

(800) 342-3720

Community Action Programs (CAP)

(315) 539-5647

Early Intervention

(315) 539-1920

Head Start

(315) 568-8774

Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

(315) 477-0616

Cornell Cooperative Extension

(315) 539-9254

Child and Family Resources

(315) 568-0945

Substance Abuse Services

NY State HOPEline (provides help 24/7): (877) 846-7369

Prevention Education: (315) 789-0310

Seneca County Community Counseling Center: (315) 539-1985

Dentist's Accepting Medicaid

List by County

Seneca County Food Pantries

List of Food Pantries


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(585) 394-9240 – Phone

(585) 481-8488 – Text Line

(585) 394-9285 – Fax Number

Office Locations

SPCC WIC Waterloo Clinic
Seneca Co. Health & Senior Services Bldg. Public Health Office
2465 Bonadent Drive, Suite 3
Waterloo, NY 13165
ph: (585) 394-9240
fx: (315) 651-4388
Monday-Wednesday 8-4:30. Evening hours on 2nd and 4th Mondays
SPCC WIC Ovid Clinic
Ovid Federated Church
7137 Main Street
Ovid, NY 14521
ph: (585) 394-9240
fx: (585) 394-9285
3rd Thursday of each month
Call (585) 394-9240 or text (585) 481-8488 for more information!

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