Cornerstone Family Healthcare WIC Program

Being a single parent can be difficult. From financial challenges, to learning how to breastfeed and beyond. Cornerstone WIC is here for you. Our program provides assistance to single women and men who have kids under the age of five who need help paying for certain items at local pharmacies and grocery stores. With an extensive list of quality and nutritious items to choose from, we will help you provide for your family’s needs.

Cornerstone Family Healthcare WIC serves both Newburgh and Highland Falls, so if you are a single parent residing in either city come in to our office learn more.

Clinic Hours

Mon: 10am – 7pm
Tue – Wed, Fri: 8am – 5pm
Thu: 8am – 4pm
Every 3rd Sat of the month: 9am – 1pm

Highland Falls
Every 1st and 3rd Wed of the month: 10am – 12pm, 1pm – 4pm

1st Week of the month: Monday & Tuesday 9am – 5pm
2nd Week of the month: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am – 5pm
3rd Week of the month: Monday & Tuesday 9am – 5pm
4th Week of the month: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am – 5pm
5th Week of the month: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Port Jervis
Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm

Meet Our Peer Counselors

Rosa Matias-Nunez

In the last 5 years as a breastfeeding peer counselor I have learned that breastfeeding is 100% about perseverance and having a support system. My first time breastfeeding was the hardest and most painful experience but my perseverance made me succeed. Then my decision to continue nursing my daughter till she was ready to stop at almost 5 years old would not have been possible without the support and education I received at WIC. That’s why my goal here is to provide moms with the same information and support so they can make the best breastfeeding decision for them and their babies. Whether they breastfeed once or for 4 years, I will support them 100%.

Languages: English & Spanish




Jennifer Rodriguez 

Hi, I’m Jenn. I breastfed all seven of my children, the last two being twins. I received so much support and encouragement from WIC, which I am beyond grateful for. I do my best to offer loving support to our mom’s. The kind of help and guidance that I know helped me through some postpartum/breastfeeding challenging moments, as being a new mom can feel overwhelming. I am able to use my own breastfeeding experiences to better help and guide mom’s through their own breastfeeding journeys. I teach mom’s to trust that their bodies will provide all of the nourishment that their baby needs, as well as all of the other wonderful benefits of breastfeeding.

I am available to answer Participants breastfeeding questions and concerns, via call and text, even on weekends and nights.

Languages: English


Alayde  Arellano

Hello! My name is Alayde  Arellano. My Breastfeeding experience goes back almost four years ago when I decided to Exclusively Breastfeed my first born. I soon realized it was one of the best decisions I made as a new mom. After having my second, I didn’t doubt to repeat and create that same wonderful bond. Now I am able to give support and encouragement while sharing my experiences with other mommy’s that want to Breastfeed.  I enjoy putting a smile on a mom’s face and making her realize Breastfeeding is completely natural and definitely achievable.

Languages: English & Spanish

Say Hello to eWIC

Our new program introduced the WIC EBT card or eWIC card on December 10, 2018. This card replaces WIC paper checks. At each appointment you will bring your reusable WIC EBT card and your food benefits will be loaded. Just take you eWIC card and your shopping list to the store.

eWIC in the News

Little Chefs

Getting kids involved in cooking can encourage them to try new foods and flavors! Little Chefs features kid friendly recipes that  children will enjoy and  help make. Join us every third Thursday of the month at 2 p.m.  to cook up some tasty food. Kids who participate receive a free apron and chef hat!

Click on a picture for a printable kid approved recipe! 

National Nutrition Month 2019

Celebrate Nutrition Month with us!

WIC is celebrated National Nutrition Month by increase awareness on the importance of appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.

For the entire month of March WICs waiting rooms featured a power point, and bulletin board on prenatal weight gain. WIC Registered Dietitians and Diet Technicians Registered  also had a table in the Kaplan Family Pavilion lobby every Friday morning from 9 to 11 a.m. and at the Port Jervis location Monday through Friday.The table was stocked with prizes, healthy recipes, and nutrition education handouts.

The Celebration 

This Friday the WIC Peer Counselors (PC) and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) sat in the Kaplan Family Pavilion lobby promoting human’s first nutritious foods, breast-milk!  Promoting breastfeeding is nothing new for our WIC Peer Counselors and Certified Lactation Counselors. Our Peer Counselors visit the local hospital and assist mothers with breastfeeding and spend their days at WIC talking to breastfeeding women and women interested in breastfeeding via the phone, text or in person. As proud supporters of breastfeeding WIC has a breastfeeding room, and most of our Registered Dietitians are Certified Lactation Counselors and are ready and eager to help families take on the rewarding task of breastfeeding their infant.

WIC challenges you to learn more about the endless nutritious benefits of breastfeeding!

Click here to start learning!

National Registered Dietitian and Diet Technician Registered Day 

March is National Nutrition month and features National Registered Dietitian and Diet Technician Registered Day the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

At Cornerstone WIC there are 7 Registered Dietitians (RD) and 2 Diet Technicians Registered (DTR)! Our nutrition staff has previous experience in clinical, renal, geriatric, and outpatient nutrition prior to coming to WIC and have additional credentials including Certified Lactation Counselors and Certified Food Protection Professional. Almost half of our staff have or are pursuing a Master’s degree in Nutrition. Cornerstone WIC RDs and DTRS know the importance of staying up to date with the latest nutrition information and attend training’s in nutrition throughout the year. They are ready to answer all of your nutrition questions to help you get through a healthy pregnancy and start healthy eating habits for your children.

Learn more about the WIC nutrition staff under the WIC staff tab above


Program Support Staff Join the Celebration

This Friday WIC’s Dietitians and program support staff sat in the Kaplan Family Pavilion lounge in Newburgh promoting nutrition. Our program support staff helps to create the warm and friendly atmosphere our WIC clinic is known for. They are the first people to greet you and they work hard to ensure that every participant is treated with the upmost respect.  Almost all of our program support staff speak Spanish and they are all ready to answer your questions about WIC!

Thank You

Thank you to all who celebrated National Nutrition Month with WIC this March.  As March comes to a close we want to continue celebrating nutrition by inviting  you to visit us at one of our locations! We can be found at:

  • 147 Lake Street,  Newburgh
  • 140 Hammond Street, Port Jervis
  • 27 North Street,  Middletown
  • 341 Main Street, Highland Falls

We look forward to helping you thrive nutritionally during your pregnancy and as your child grows. Call us today at (845) 568-5473.

Happy National Nutrition Month!

Resources on Prenatal Weight Gain

 Click on a link below for more information on this topic!



Meet Our WIC Staff

Our WIC Staff is here to provide you with nutrition education and services, breastfeeding support and education, and referrals to community and health care programs.

Monica Bernard-Thompson RD, CDN, CLC
Program Director 

Pamela Roeloffs, RD, CDN, CLC

Nutrition Coordinator

Christina LaFleur RD, CDN, CLC
Qualified Nutritionist 

Not Pictured
Rita Marie Rose, RDN, CDN, CLC
Site Supervisor
Jessica Peters, RD, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Coordinator 
Jane Martin, MS, RD, LDN
Qualified Nutritionist
Lesley Hoffman, RDN, CLC
Qualified Nutritionist
Vicky Enriquez, RDN, CDN
Qualified Nutritionist
Marie Johnson, NDTR
Qualified Nutritionist
Arlene Murodock, NDTR, CFPP

Office Locations

147 Lake St.
Newburgh, NY 12550
ph: (845) 568-5473
fx: (845) 568-5479
Highland Falls
341 Main St.
Highland Falls, NY 10928
ph: (845) 568-5473
fx: (845) 568-5479
27 North Street
Middletown, 10940
ph: (845)568-5478
fx: (845)568-5479
Port Jervis
140 Hammond St.
Port Jervis, NY 12771
ph: (845) 568-5473
fx: (845) 856-8172