10 Reason to Visit a Farmers Market this Summer

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  1. You can purchase Fresh local Produce.

  2. You are supporting local farmers and businesses.

  3. You get to grocery shop outside under the warm summer sun!

  4. All the produce you buy will be in season and will most likely taste better.

  5. You can find produce in non traditional colors. For example yellow carrots!

  6. You can try new foods. Some vendors offer free samples!

  7. You can learn new recipes. A vendor or another customer may have great suggestions on how to cook the produce sold at the Farmers Market.

  8. You can take a cute picture for your social media pages!

  9. It is a great screen free family activity.

  10. You can use your Farmers Market Checks from WIC! Make sure to pick up your Farmers Market Checks this Summer!!