Meet Bianca Cornelius, NDTR

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Image of Bianca Cornelius, Open Door WIC ProgramName
Bianca Cornelius

Professional Certifications/License


Primary Site
Ossining Open Door Family Medical Center

Combating Food Disparities

BS in Dietetics current MPH student

English, Spanish


What do you like about the WIC Program?

The WIC Program helps families gain food access. It ensures that nutritious food and healthy development are attainable.


What is your history with Open Door?

I started at Open Door as an AmeriCorps working in the wellness department. I worked with children, 3-5 years old, teaching a nutrition curriculum and a physical education program. I love young children. They are adorable and impressionable, by that I mean that if you teach them proper nutrition from a young age they are likely to carry the message into adulthood. Similarly to learning ABC’s, it is a fundamental imprint that we learn and do not forget.


What accomplishments (personal/professional) are you’re most proud of?

A personal accomplishment I am proud of is my matriculation into the MPH Program at CUNY School of Public Health.


Where do you reside? For how long?

I am a Westchester County native; I grew up in Yonkers for most of my life.


Tell me something about your family.

My family is diverse I have a Hispanic and Caribbean background. With that said, I have had the best of both worlds; the food, the culture, and the experiences. As a first-generation American, I have had opportunities that my parents did not and I am forever grateful to them both.


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