Meet Alisha Blanks

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Image of Alisha Blanks, WIC Director, Open Door Family Medical CentersName
Alisha Blanks, RD, CDN, CLC

Professional Certifications/License
Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist, Lactation Consultant

WIC Director


Primary Site
Ossining, NY

English and Conversational Spanish

Lactation/ Breastfeeding Education and Support, Prenatal Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Women’s Health and Nutrition

Bachelors of Science in Nutrition with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies; The Pennsylvania State University

Matriculated candidate for the Masters of Public Health; CUNY School of Public Health


What do you like about the WIC Program?

I love that WIC cradles life into the tummies of newborn babies and fosters health and wellbeing into families across the country. Through the WIC Program, we are able to change lives by providing preventive nutrition and breastfeeding education and support through modeling and empowerment.

What do you love about Open Door?

I love that Open Door provides exemplary medical and dental care to numerous communities. Open Door is a warm place to work and receive care. Open Door is the home to the WIC Program and is our partner in promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the community.

What is your history with Open Door?

I started working with Open Door in 2015 as a Clinical Dietitian and WIC Site Manager. I am ecstatic to continue to work as the WIC Director alongside a phenomenal team.

What accomplishments (personal/professional) are you most proud of?

I am proud to be the mother of a spontaneous, upbeat, fast-paced and intelligent eight-year-old. Although my son challenges me in more ways than I would prefer, I am in love with the journey that he has taken me on over the past eight years.  In addition to motherhood, I am elated to be an advocate for optimal nutrition for mothers and families who cradle life into the future human race. My driving force is to hear the successes achieved by families despite the barriers and adversities faced. The driving force of my passion is a mother who is able to breastfeed after having a cesarean section, or complicated delivery, or a family who is able to introduce more fruits and vegetables and take home fun and exciting recipes to engage their families in healthy eating.

Where do you reside? For how long?

I am a Bronx native, born and raised for over 25 years, after which I moved to Putnam County where I now reside.

Tell me something about your family.

I am the proud sibling of three brothers, one sister and the daughter of an amazing mother and father who was both born and raised in the South.

What is one thing you want the community to know about nutrition?

Identify the thing that motivates you to change and align that with your goals and visions.

You have the power to change your life with one decision.

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